Al Be is a recording artist and producer from North Carolina. He was born the youngest of 5 children in a single parent home in Kinston, North Carolina, a small town with few resources and high crime rates. Music would be the key to unlocking the faith, focus, and determination He needed to succeed. While music was always his passion, he was pushed to focus on academics as a way to a better life. That would pay off greatly as he eventually graduated from North Carolina State University with honors. While at the University he met the well-known group Kooley High and Rapsody. After seeing their continued progression and success, he was inspired to take his music career to the next level. In 2015 he released his first studio album titled 'No Need' which features appearances from several Carolina stars and was well received.  Follow him as he continues to use music as the vehicle to deliver hope and motivation to the world, encouraging everyone to live to their full potential and "Be Thyself".